This is the point of presence of the Mathematical Engineering (MAP) programme commission on Moodle UCL. If you are a student in the MAP programme (major, minor, master), then you MUST REGISTER to this "Moodle course" in order to receive the announcements from the MAP programme commission. (The announcements may not be sent through the mailing lists because they get populated too late after the start of the academic year.)

When enrolling, specify the enrolment key "Major"/"Minor"/"Master" according to whether you are in the MAP Major/Minor/Master. (For students with the "ADP" status who are both in the Bachelor and Master, choose one key and then register also to the other group using the "Choose your Major/Minor/Master group" tool.) If your are not a MAP student and you just want to get access to the contents of this "Moodle course", then use the enrolment key "Visitors".