Part 1 (networking):

  • Introduction to communication networks,
  • Media Access Control, Layered models,
  • Internet Protocol, IP fragmentation,
  • UDP, TCP, ICMP, traceroute & PMTU discovery,
  • Static IP routing, dynamic routing (algorithms and protocols),
  • DNS, e-mail (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4),
  • Common protocols (HTTP, FTP, etc.),
  • NAT, introduction to IPv6.

Part 2 (multimedia/security):

  • Introduction to multimedia networking,
  • Multimedia streaming (stored multimedia, live, real-time interactive),
  • Introduction to audio and video compression,
  • Streaming protocols,
  • VoIP (ToIP, video conferencing, SIP),
  • Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB),
  • Introduction to network security, principles of cryptography,
  • Message integrity, digital signature, certification authorities, PKI,
  • Secure e-mail and network connections (X.509, SSL).