The Clinic on EU Digital Rights, Law, and Design (EU-DRAWS) is a Jean Monnet course that aims to foster the awareness, study and research on EU Digital Rights, i.e. the fundamental rights we enjoy in the online environment, critically addressing the challenges that the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications poses to the protection and exercise of such rights.
The Module will combine the teaching of fundamental legal principles and their rationale with practical and hands-on activities to “learn-by-doing”: 1) what are EU digital rights; 2) how are they protected; 3) what are the emerging challenges to their exercise; 4) how the legal framework can be improved through legal and extra-legal solutions. To this end, the course will adopt an innovative multidisciplinary approach based on “legal design”. The latter is a growing field of research, practice, policy, and activism in which human centred design research methods are applied to the world of law. Through the legal design methodology, students will experiment and speculate about the future of digital rights in the EU and beyond.