The seminar addresses timely topics, treated in an academic manner and opening the eyes for how the competencies and resources of the faculty apply beyond the specific tasks and specializations pursued.  

In collaboration with the VBO-FEB Chair Belgian Business Champions, the researchers at LSM and at FEB/KULeuven have worked together to produce Belgian teaching cases in management, based on Belgian experiences.  

These cases, accompanied by oral presentations by entrepreneurs, for the basis of a series of business talks in the course.  

The societal topics for 2022/2023 are new social enterprises (non-profit, volunteers and sustainability, and academic impact on policy (how can researchers support public decision makers in their missions).  The course is also involving the Francqui Professor at LSM, Benjamin HUYBRECHTS, on the topic of social enterprises.

The seminar is structured around:

1.   A set of general lectures focused on a global societal issues and related research questions.

2.   A set of business talks focused on a small set of organizations and the related business cases.

For the business cases, the goal is to get a clear view on how each of these businesses works. The students have to prepare, in groups, an analyses of a business cases.

For the societal challenges, the goal is to get a solid understanding of one dimension of these issues. The students have to prepare, individually, one research question related to one issue and deliver an answer to it.