(This website is for students in the Master in Business Engineering and for students in the Master in Management who are not registered in any of the following majors: Consumer Insight, Corporate Finance, European Business, or People Management.)

The climate emergency and the rapid exhaustion of non-renewable natural resources are making all economic activities increasingly reliant on the good management of natural resources. The long-term performance and durability of all organizations increasingly depend on sustainability strategies and business policies that explicitly consider the impact of their activities on the environment and, more globally, on society. Against this backdrop, this course focuses on understanding the business and policy logic for making the environment, sustainability, and natural resources core elements of the strategy and management of organizations. It studies the processes and tools that can be used to link environmental, sustainability, and natural resource concerns with strategies, development of products and services, and operations management. More specifically, the course provides guidance as to how and when environmental, energy, and natural resource management can be translated into business model innovations and the achievement of a circular and regenerative economy.

Upon completion of this course, learners will:

  • Understand the implications of climate change and the scarcity of natural resources for organizations, the economy, and society;
  • Have in depth knowledge of the underpinnings of a circular and regenerative economy;
  • Identify the opportunities that a circular and regenerative economy opens for existing companies and the creation of new ones;
  • Develop a systemic thinking and be aware of the interdependencies between all the actors of an ecosystem.