The course is organised in 2-hours modules, each devoted to a particular theme in geoarchaeology presented by an invited expert. At the latest the evening before the lecture, each student has to send at least one question beforehand to on the basis of the texts provided by each speaker. At the end of the semester (30th of May) a critical evaluation of the different seminars needs to be submitted to the same email (with name, LARKO 2240 in title) and a max of 10 pages (Times, 1,5 interligne). ATTENTION: this evaluation needs to be critical - a simple synthesis of the different papers is not acceptable. This is the programme (each time at 10h45, one hour of lecture, one hour of questions by students, C444-Salle Mertens of GRAAL- the lectures will be hybrid to allow students in quarantaine/isolation and non-UCLouvain interested people to attend).

The first text of Magno is attached, the other text by Magno and those by Barbaix, Sahoglu and Duarte will follow immediately, the others will follow soon.

2/2         Dra Laura Magno (UCLouvain & Wiener Lab): Introduction to geoarchaeology

9/2         no class

16/2      Dr. Sophie Barbaix (UGent): Interdisciplinary research into the waterlandscape of Turpan (Xinjiang, China) 

 23/2     Dr. Vasif Sahoglu (& Dr. Beverly Goodman), Volcanic ash, victims, and tsunami debris from the Late Bronze Age Thera eruption discovered at Cesme-Baglararasi (Turkey); 

2/3         Dr. Carlos Duarte Simöes (ICArEHB - Universidade do Algarve): What is a shell midden? Geoarchaeological and microcontextual perspectives from Mesolithic sites in Iberia

 9/3        Dr. Myrsini Gouma (ASCSA-Wiener Lab): ''Geoarchaeological approaches to the study of monumental earthworks: the case of Laona tumulus, Cyprus  

16/3      Dr. Takis Karkanas (ASCSA-Wiener Lab): Archaeological soil and sediment micromorphology as a tool for revealing activities, practices, and behaviors”  

23/3      Dr. Cristiano Nicosia (U. of Padova): Geoarchaeology in wetland contexts zoom link

Magno 1 Arroyo-Kalin20146153_ASS_EGA.pdfMagno 1 Arroyo-Kalin20146153_ASS_EGA.pdf