PR Desuter Gauthier (Coordinator) et invited teachers : Allouche Johan et François Sylvie




Location :



Prerequisite :


Course WORL 2130

Themes  :


Oro-pharyngeal Management at large

Basic swallowing physiology

Basic pathology of Swallowing

FEES and Videofluoroscopy assessment

Knowledge of other Dysphagia instrumental investigations.

Knowledge of swallowing rehabilitation maneuvers

Knowledge of food texture adaptation


Specific Dysphagia context:

Geriatric Dysphagia

Neurodegenerative Dysphagia

Neuro-muscular dysphagia

Cancer related dysphagia

Other causes of dysphagia



ENT Surgeries:

Speech and swallow rehabilitation after : total laryngectomies, Partial laryngectomies, Glossectomies, trans mandibular glossopharyngectomies

Use of phonatory prosthesis

Post-radiotherapy rehabilitation

Post long term intubation and tracheostomy weaning and rehabilitation

Scientific publications readings and presentation

Basics of Dysphagia Screening and clinical assessment

Use of instrumental devices for swallowing rehabilitation (IOPI)


Competence to acquire

At the end of the program students should be able to:

Understand swallowing pathophysiology and related surgical procedures


Make a functional diagnostic of dysphagia and establish a multidisciplinary therapeutic plan


Extract pertinent information out of swallowing related scientific publications


Interpret instrumental examinations of swallowing (FEES, video fluorography, manometry…)


Make a case report

Content :


The course is divided in three parts of 10h course/personal work each:

Swallowing management including in specific conditions(Sylvie François) (10h course)


Swallowing management after surgery (Johan Allouche) (10h course)



Videos lectures, case presentations and scientific article readings (Gauthier Desuter) (1 course and 9h personal work)





Course material :




Case videos


PDF articles

Recommended readings

Course evaluation:



Multiple choice question (QCM)

Open and Short « blue book » questions (QROC)




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