Working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds has become part of the daily activities in organizations today for employees at all levels. The global pressure for competitiveness and effectiveness has increased the number of strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, with the objective of having access to resources, capital and new market opportunities. 

The Covid-19 pandemic increases situations in which people who have never met each other need to work together in multicultural virtual teams.

In this context, it is no longer sufficient, that managers, entrepreneurs or employees are able to communicate effectively and work with people from one culture and that they understand and learn how to adapt to this particular culture. Instead, all employees must be able to interact simultaneously and effectively with people from multiple cultural backgrounds – at home, abroad and in virtual communications.

This course is based on research and insights from diverse disciplines, including cross-cultural psychology, social psychology, cultural anthropology, organizational behaviour, international human resource management, business ethics and corporate social responsibility.