In information and communication technologies (ICTs), embedded systems are computing systems that interact with the physical world with a dedicated function. They fill up our industrial world: from cash machines to consumer connected objects and IoT devices to automotive regulation systems to production-line control systems to medical equipment.

This integrated project deals with wireless embedded sensing systems and their core technologies from both the disciplines of the Master degree in electrical engineering (electronic circuits and systems, communication systems, information and signal processing, cryptography, electronic materials and devices, and electrical energy) and from embedded software programming. We will specifically practice the multi-objective optimization of these embedded systems with respect to sensing performance, communication range, robustness, power consumption and resource usage.

Within the social-ecological transition, an important point is to use technologies like ICTs for meaningful applications with positive societal and/or environmental outcomes. In this project, we will focus on an audio monitoring system for the preservation of natural ecosystems.

This Moodle page is for both LELEC2102 and LELEC2103 compulsory courses in the Electrical Engineering Master degree that together constitute the full-year LELEC210x project.