This course concentrates on the critical analysis of recent studies (monographs, articles), with special attention to training in the necessary skills for such scholarly activity. It is in this light that original texts will be considered. The seminar highlights studies on Arabic literature, mostly of the Classical period. Texts to be studied derive from Muslim, Christian, Jewish and confessionally neutral environments. The great variety of genres will be taken into account: travel literature, historiography, scientific and religious texts, poetry, texts for entertainment, etc. Studies on such texts and their historical, religious and cultural settings will be analyzed according to topics to be defined in consultation with the students. Students are required to orally present their findings and to write a research paper. This process of presenting and writing will be enhanced by group discussions. Please note: the texts in question may (partly) coincide with texts studied in other courses, notably Classical Arabic II (GLOR 2661-2662) and Middle Arabic (GLOR 2721-2722).