How to enjoy writing your next scientific paper?

Your scientific articles are the tip of the iceberg of your research. They are amongst the most visible and long-lasting contributions that you will ever make to science. Thus, effective scientific writing is not just an academic exercise but also allows you to significantly extend the reach of your contributions. So why would you not care about it?

During this training, we will first quickly review the guiding principles of good scientific writing: identifying a message and conveying it effectively to the right audience. After that, we will go through the four steps of paper writing: planning ahead, designing the document, drafting and re-writing. Then, using concrete examples, we will see how to improve your writing style in order to make your text more compact, concise and crispy. We will also help you choose your next title, an aspect of the paper that is too often overlooked by authors. We will finally entirely re-write an abstract (arguably the most important part of your paper) in order to make it more dynamic, appealing, attractive and more likely to engage readers in the rest of your manuscript.

This session is open to everyone and will be informal. Participants will be encouraged to share their own tips, advices and experiences during the training if they wish so. Scientific writing is indeed a skill that is not learned in books, but well from exchanges with other authors and from personal experience.

All welcome!