This course is a general introduction to the field of biomass valorisation, through the "biorefinery" concept. The course covers different aspects:

  • General introduction on the historical aspects around the “biorefinery” concept. Contextual analysis covering legal, ethical, economical aspects.
  • Definition of the different types and fractions of biomass; Discussion on storage, stability, and availability.
  • Technical bases for the transformation and conversion of biomass. Definition and description of the main concepts: reactors, catalysts, contact time, selectivity, yield, mass transfer, etc.
  • Description of the main biomass pre-treatments (mechanical, chemical, thermal).
  • Hydrolysis and fermentation: scientific basis and case studies.
  • Introduction to downstream processes for the separation and purification of the molecules of interest, and for their subsequent or combined valorization.
  • Upgrading (mainly catalytic upgrading) of bio-based platform chemicals for specific applications.
  • Examples of integrated biorefineries.