The purpose of the course is to initiate students to the design metholodogies involved in biomedical engineering, taking into account the specificities and constraints related to the area of biomedical sciences and medicine. The main topics are: (1) design methods and specificities for medical devices (identification of requirements, functions, specifications, risk analysis, regulatory aspects, etc.), (2) the constraints intrinsic to the area of biomedical sciences and medicine (biocompatibility, sterilization, accuracy and precision, ergonomics and safety, etc.), and (3) the industrial constraints (certification, cost, etc.).

It is a 5 ECTS course. There is no prerequisite for it. It is therefore open to anyone, having followed or not a training in mechanics or biomedical engineering. It is not compulsory to have taken either LMECA2801 Machine Design or FSAB1221 Introduction au monde du vivant, although these courses are interesting complements.